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Research advisory group
About the Research Advisory Group

The Research Advisory Group (RAG) is a group of institutions and individual experts nominated by the community of practice to improve the accuracy and reliability of methodologies and approaches for assessing non-economic loss and damage.

The RAG has been set up to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for peer review, validation and standardisation of research methodologies. The group will meet periodically to discuss new research, approaches on parameters, whether they are replicable, reproducible, transparent, and so on.

These discussions will help develop standardised methodologies, guidelines and frameworks for conducting assessments for non-economic loss and damage. The RAG will also act as a clearing house for researchers to share their findings and methodologies. After conducting due diligence, the RAG will present these findings and methodologies on the website.

About the research advisory group

The observatory provides a mentorship and peer support network. The mentorship and peer support network is a community of practice where individuals and organisations can pose questions and explore them with others, sharing experiences of managing similar issues or co-developing solutions. The role of the mentors involves:

  • Clarifying the foundational concepts and terminologies inherent to the loss and damage domain

  • Guiding authors in articulating local challenges, recommendations and solutions through creative and impactful writing

  • Individualised support in an iterative process of case study refinement, including continuous feedback, until the case study reaches its final form.